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how you can make an impact?

By buying any fashion items from That Red Sweater you make an impact - each month we will donate part of our profit to charity fund helping deaf blind people - and it will be you, who will help a deafblind person have voice, get seen and get heard. With That Red sweater purchase you don't only help deaf blind people organization, but help to spread the word and raise social awareness.

As well as that, by getting any product from That Red sweater you support an artisan who has created this item for you. Our mission to help young designers and handmade creators around the world is as big as supporting the deafblind community. With us us you support slow fashion, sustainable consumption and real PEOPLE who put their lives into creating something special for you.

If you don't feel like buying That Red sweater, but want to help a deaf blind person in need - you can donate any amount of money directly to charity fund from our homepage!