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Red wooly love shoes

Designer limited edition handmade shoes from natural leather and wool. Light, breathing, irresistibly red and comfortable.

The idea to create these shoes came because of the need in unique and beautiful footwear. While creating new items comfort is put at the first place and that is the reason felt from natural merino wool as a primary material is being used. A distinctive feature of this type of wool is in its ability to keep the temperature at a comfort level. That is why your feet won’t freeze even when it is -25 C degrees and won’t sweat when it is +25 C degrees outside. Moreover, the wool is extremely soft and light, which adds extra comfort.

Each pair of shoes is carefully handcrafted to the tiniest detail by the artisan from Latvia - carefully delivered to you, your shoes will serve you at their best.

Production time: up to 2 weeks
Made of: natural wool and leather
Sizes: 36-42